fredag den 13. september 2013

Results Friday, Saturday 13-14/9 (updated 18:35)

Girls 98 results Friday (20:52 updated)
Blue Star Europe vs KFUM Uppsala 86-49
Djursholm Indians vs Skåne region Select Team 50-36
Hørsholm 98ers vs CD Presentacion Granada 78-41
Taby Basket vs Solna Vikings 53-41

Girls 98 results Saturday 14/9 (updated 18:33)
CD Presentacion Granada vs Taby Basket 51-48
Solna Vikings vs Hørsholm 98ers 59-62
KFUM Uppsala vs Djursholm Indians 65-50
Skåne Region ST vs Blue Star Europe 19-120
Solna Vikings vs CD Presentacion Granada 64-68
Taby Basket vs Hørsholm 98ers 40-60

mandag den 9. september 2013

Tournament Map - Directions to facilities

Here you find a map of the facilities being used for the tournament and some more

Tournament Map