Can we use overage player?

Overage players are NOT allowed at all if you want to compete.

Can we use players from another club?

Because on of the tournaments purposes is to have high qaulity games, this is OK but the players normal club shall be entered in players profile for tournament program.

When do we find out where we will lodge?When you arrive in Hørsholm you will be taken to where you will live during the tournament.

When do we get access to the lodging?

Depending on what time/day you arrive you might have to wait some time for your lodging to be prepaired. But this will be told to you before your arrive in Hørsholm

How do we get to Hørsholm from abroad?

With plain its easiest to fly to Copenhagen and then take the train to Hørsholm (kokkedal station). Teams from Sweden can drive over the bridge or take the feries from Helsingborg. Teams from south of europe its of course possible to drive, but plane is propably the easiest to use.

Game Schedule - when is it posted?

Game schedule will be posted 3 weeks before start of tournament and will be posted here on the page and sent out to coaches of the teams entered.

Game schedule - when do games start and when do the tournament end?

Games start on friday aftenoon with local teams playing the first games. This is a must to be able to fit all games in one weekend. Even if you dont play on friday afternoon you can of course arrive friday.

Tournament ends on sunday at 18:30 with the A-final as the last played game of the tournament.

All teams are expected to stay and participate in prize ceremony after the final game.