søndag den 16. december 2012

Pre Season Invitational 2013

Will be played 13-15th of September and invitations will start to be sent out in end of december 2012.
if you didn`t get one and you are interested please send my email: holmis77@gmail.com

Andreas Holmgran, tournament organizer

fredag den 14. september 2012

Results PSI 2012

We have some internet problems, so I apologize for very late scores from fridays, saturdays games

Friday Group A
16:00 Mbk Ruzomberok - Jamtland 11-111
17:45 Hørsholm - KFUM Uppsala 57-30

Friday Group B
17:45 SISU - SBBK 49-51 (OT)
21:15 BK Gladan - Solna Vikings 52-66

Saturday Group A

07:30 KFUM Uppsala - Mbk Ruzomberok 126-10
09:15 Jamtland - Hørsholm 34-59
16:15 Jamtland - KFUM Uppsala 52-28
16:15 Mbk Ruzomberok -Hørsholm 14-90

Saturday Group B
11:00 Solna Vikings - SISU 64-72
12:45 SBBK - Bk Gladan 41-28
18:00 Solna Vikings - SBBK 49-69
19.45 Bk Gladan - SISU

torsdag den 6. september 2012

Information PSI 2012

Hello basketball friends,
Its soon time for Pre Season Invitational 2012 and we are doing our best to make this visit to Horsholm a great one.
We cant gaurantee that it will be perfect in every way, but we will do our best to come as close as possible.

When you arrive in Horsholm you all will get a welcome kit with lots of info about the tournament and more.
Our aimbiton is that this info that you receive, will cover all important question that you might have during your stay here in Horsholm.

If you have any questions that is not answered in the info you will get, please grab a hold of the person responsable of the gym you are in.

I have recieved some questions already, so here comes some short answers of the question that I have recieved.

Do we need to bring basketballs?
There will be 3 basketballs for every team to use in warmups if you need more than 3 balls then you will have to bring yourselves.
We can not gaurantee warm up time on the court, but it is allowed to warm up behind the baseline in the gyms without basketballs.

How do we get to the different gyms?
From Friday we will provide the service of having to minibuses that drives the teams between the different loacations.
In the info you will recieve on arrival you will find a phonenumber to the drivers, so booking is made as easy as possible.

Can you pick us up at the trainstation (Rungsted Kyst Station)?
Yes,but you will have to contact us to tell us when you will be there. Call when you are 30-40 minutes away, so we know the exact time of arrivel.

Can you drive us the trainstation (Rungsted kyst) on Sunday?
Yes, you make the arrangement with the drivers on sunday efternoon, when you should leave.
We really would like everybody to stay until the final of your gender has been played, since their will be prize ceramony directly after.

Is it true that we get stats and DVD of all games we play?
Yes, what we cant promise is that you get directly after the game, but as soon as possible you will get it.

Why is halftime break only 5 minutes?
Well, to play so many games in 2 gyms, we need to cut something down and we choose to play 3 fulltime games on friday, saturday instead of playing all games 4*8minutes, we play the two playoff games shorter instead (4*8min) and we find that logical since all players already have 3 games in their body in a very short period of time.
VERY! Important that you coaches help us with keeping the schedule.

What is Saturday Night Skills Challenge?
Well each team chooses one player the represent their team in the skills challenge. This arranged in Horsholmhallen (HH) after the last games on saturday, so its very important that you get over their quickly if you are the two teams playing in Rungsted Skole (RS) in the last game, so we can get started. More info on arrival.

Competitions are:
1 vs 1 - with referee`s
Skills circuit - Simular to NBA
3 point contest - Simular to NBA

There are individual prizes for the winners handed out after the finals of each gender.

Another individual award is "Best player of the tournament", so one girls and one boy will be crowned best of the best of PSI 2012.
Really nice prizes :-)

Please respect the the scores table, the referee`s and other crew, everybody is doing the best to make this tournament a great experience.
Simply respect the game!

Pages for tournament with updates during the weekend:
Girls: http://girls98invitational.blogspot.dk/
Boys: http://gboys98invitational.blogspot.dk/



mandag den 3. september 2012

One change in game schedule

Friday games that should have been played in RS (Rungsted skole) will instead be played in RH (Rådhushallen).
That is the only changes made.

For updated schedule click here

Adresses to the gyms (click on name of gym):

Hørsholmhallen (Games Friday, Saturday and Sunday + sleeping and eating quarters)

Rungsted Skole (Games Saturday and Sunday)
Rådhushallen (4 games on Friday)


tirsdag den 14. august 2012

Groups & Game schedule PSI 2012

Groups and Game schedule for PSI 2012 is now done and you find it here:

Groups and Game schedule 2012

Everybody has been informed since first invitation about the tournament`s time frame, so NO changes will be made up on request.

More info about guestcards and more will be published here and sent to your contactmail within two days.

Welcome to Horsholm
/Andreas Holmgran

onsdag den 8. august 2012

Which teams will win PSI 2012?

The first prize this year is 67cm in height and will turn heads in every clubs trophy room.

fredag den 27. juli 2012

The Pernille Dalgaard shootout

Another event on Saturday night of the tournament is the "The Pernille Dalgaard shootout", where one player from each team enters the 3 pointcontest. Eventually there will be a winner of the first "Pernille Dalgaard shootout"

Pernille Dalgaard had that touch from the outside that others wish they had. She was not only a great basketball player she was also outstanding in academics and she became Big Ten All Academic team in 1996-97, 1997-98 & 1998-99 and thats a statement that should be heard.

You can play at the highest level and deliever great results in school its a matter of character and Pernille Dalgaard is a rolemodel for young devoted basketball players in achieving their goals on and outside the court.

Greatfull that another basketball great from Denmark loans her name to what i hope will be a great shootout in Hørsholmshallen on saturday night skills challenge.

mandag den 16. juli 2012

PSI 2012 coming closer and closer

Groups and gameschedule will be out before the 15th of august.
Remember when you plan trips that games start at 16:30 on friday the 14th and last games end at aprox 18:30 on sunday.

More exact times, when schedule is final

torsdag den 7. juni 2012

KFUM Jamtland (Swe) enters Girls PSI 2012

1. Hørsholm Basketball (DK)
2. Solna Vikings (SWE
3. SISU (DK)
4. MBK Ruzomberok (SVK)
6. KFUM Uppsala (SWE)
7. BK Gladan (SWE)
8. KFUM Jämtland (Swe)

I`m glad to be able to present the 8 teams that will play in this years Girls Pre Season Invitational on 14-th-16th of September. It will be a high level of basketball for girls born 1998 and a great weekend for all basketball lovers out there.

søndag den 3. juni 2012

BK Gladan (Swe) enters Girls PSI 2012

1. Hørsholm Basketball (DK)
2. Solna Vikings (SWE
3. SISU (DK)
4. MBK Ruzomberok (SVK)
6. KFUM Uppsala (SWE)
7. BK Gladan (SWE)

Which team will grab the last spot?
Time will tell


onsdag den 30. maj 2012

The "Inge Nissen" Challenge

As a part of saturday night skills challenge one player from each team will represent the team in some competitions. One of these competitions is The Inge Nissen Challenge, which is 1 vs 1 tournament with one player from each team in the tournament playing 1 vs 1 on one basket with referee.

For most danish basketballfreaks the name Inge Nissen isnt one of the most known names, but maybe it should be after what she has accomplished in her basketball careèr.

"Nissen finished her career as the school's all-time leader in points (2,647) and rebounds (1,459) -- marks that rank second in the ODU record book today. Her single-game career high of 28 rebounds remains a school record as does her 148 free throws made in a single season and her 518 career free throws. Twice, she scored more than 40 points in a game, and her 20 field goals during the WNIT remains a tournament record. Eight times as a collegian, Nissen scored 32 points or more in a game -- five of those times coming in the postseason.

In 1985, Nissen was inducted into the Old Dominion Hall of Fame and her jersey, No. 42, is one of only five numbers to be retired by ODU. She was selected to ODU's All-Time Lady Monarch squad, as voted by fans on the University's athletic website, in 2006. Nissen was also honored as one of ESPN.com's top-25 players of the pre-NCAA era for her accomplishments with the Lady Monarchs.

In July of 2011, Nissen was named to the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2012 along with six others, as announced during the WNBA All-Star Game in San Antonio, Texas.

A native of Denmark, Nissen was one of the top amateur players in Europe in the early 1970s. During that time, she played an important role on five national championship teams with Denmark (1972), Norway (1973) and France (1974, 1975 and 1985) "

 I never got the chance to see her play, but she was the real deal no doubt about that. She most have loved the game since she is coaching right now at FIU Panthers (Florida International University) in the states.

I`m very happy that Inge Nissen allowed us to honor her basketball career in this way. The winner should be proud as a rooster in getting Inge Nissen`s award handed to her at the prize ceremony after the final game.

/Andreas Holmgran

mandag den 21. maj 2012

KFUM Uppsala (SWE) enters PSI 2012

1. Hørsholm Basketball (DK)
2. Solna Vikings (SWE
3. SISU (DK)
4. MBK Ruzomberok (SVK)
6. KFUM Uppsala (SWE)

Which teams will grab the other spots?
Time will tell


onsdag den 16. maj 2012

The Tine Freil Skillstest

 As a part of saturday night skills challenge one player from each team will represent the team in some competitions. One of these competitions is "The Tine Freil skillstest" which will be a circuit ( home made version of NBA`s) that will demand calm nervous and sharpness and of course quikness.

Tine Freil or the female "Magic" as I called her after seeing her play the first time loans her name to the skillstest and we are very greatfull for that.

 "The most decorated player in program history, Freil ranks third in NCAA Division I history with a Big West Conference record 1,088 assists and 9.8 assists per game. She is one of just two players in NCAA Division I history to accumulate 1,000 points and 1,000 assists in a career."

Inducted to the Pacific Hall of fame 2004/2005

Picture from 2009 when she won DC in front of 3200 spectaters
Tine Freil made the game exciting regardless if she played a good or bad team. She was to me like a female Magic johnson ( my idol) she deleivered passes from every angle possible, no looks, bulletpasses, full court bouncepasses. Every player loves playing with a player like that, the game becomes so easy. If you move and run the floor you will get the ball just remember to have you hands up or else....

I have not during my 18 years as a coach seen anyone else play the game like Tine Freil. She was unique as a player and there will never ever be another Magic Freil in danish basketball. (stolen from Larry Bird about Magic Johnson)

tirsdag den 8. maj 2012

Polish refs to PSI 2012

This years Pre Season Invitational will once again have excellent refs from Poland to secure a international level for the teams playing in the tournament.

There is 3 spots open still in the girls PSI and lots of teams thinking about coming to Horsholm in september.

Which teams that will be fast enough to grabs those open spots?

More news as things, teams come into place.

torsdag den 3. maj 2012

MBK Ruzomberok (SVK) enters Girls 98 PSI 2012

1. Hørsholm Basketball (DK)
2. Solna Vikings (SWE
3. SISU (DK)
4. MBK Ruzomberok (SVK)

Which teams will grab the other spots?
Time will tell


lørdag den 28. april 2012

Top teams coming

In the coming weeks I`m hoping to be able to confirm the participation of several top teams. Some really great teams has shown their interest for Pre Season Invitational 2012 Sincerely Andreas Holmgran, Tournament organizer

mandag den 23. april 2012

The Anne Thorius Award

I`m glad to be able to present the award to the best player in the tournament as "The Anne Thorius Award".

Michigan has given her a wall of Anne Thorius thats greatness
Anne is one of, if not the greatest danish womens basketball player of all time and I couldn`t come up with a more deserving name for this award.
Anne`s leadership, will and smartness in the game of basketball took her on long succesful trip around the world as a player. She lead Michigan Wolverines in assist for all her 4 years at college and was named Michigan's Most Outstanding Player and Defensive Player of the Year awards, and was drafted by Orlando of the WNBA.

"I had the pleasure of seeing Anne Thorius play and she had a presence on the court and she impacted every game in her own way with great leadership and hardnosed attitude towards the game. She would guide here co players in the right direction and if that didn`t work she would find some way to get them to fullfil the gameplan. In many ways I think Anne was what most coaches dream about, a player that made the team and you as a coach so much better without a demand to score a million points every night. She led and you would follow most of the times into greatness"
- Andreas Holmgran

mandag den 9. april 2012

Shoulder surgery has delayed PSI work

Hello everybody,

I finally had shoulder surgery on the 14th of march and I havent really been able to use both hands, so thats why nothing has happened with this great event.

More info will come out in the following weeks

/Andreas, tournament organizer

SISU enters PSI 2012

1. Hørsholm Basketball
2. Solna Vikings

Which teams will grab the other spots?
Time will tell


mandag den 12. marts 2012

Solna Vikings enters tournament

1. Hørsholm Basketball
2. Solna Vikings

Which teams will grab the other spots?
Time will tell


mandag den 13. februar 2012

Finally some news

Invitations has been delayed because of different reasons, but now we have cleared the weekend 14-16 september and two gyms are our to use for the tournament.

NEW for 2012 is that girls and boys 98 will play the same weekend and a total of 16 teams will play in two of the best gyms here in Horsholm, Denmark.

Also new is that will will use 14-16 of september instead of intended first weekend in september, due to that our federation dont allow anything else than education that weekend.

I hope that this doesn`t stop interested team in coming here this year.

Group games will be played full time 4*10 minutes and all play off games on sunday the 16th will be played 4*8 minutes. All teams play a total of 5 games during this weekend.

We hope to get same international level of referees as last year, where we had 4 top european referees from Poland. The level of the teams combined with the level of referees and stats, DVD recorded games is a formula for a great weekend.

Andreas Holmgran, Tournament organizer (coach boys & girls 98 Horsholm)

søndag den 15. januar 2012

Invitations will be sent out this week

If you haven`t been invited and your team is interested, please contact me at holmis77@gmail.com

Andreas Holmgran, Tournament organizer