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Information PSI 2012

Hello basketball friends,
Its soon time for Pre Season Invitational 2012 and we are doing our best to make this visit to Horsholm a great one.
We cant gaurantee that it will be perfect in every way, but we will do our best to come as close as possible.

When you arrive in Horsholm you all will get a welcome kit with lots of info about the tournament and more.
Our aimbiton is that this info that you receive, will cover all important question that you might have during your stay here in Horsholm.

If you have any questions that is not answered in the info you will get, please grab a hold of the person responsable of the gym you are in.

I have recieved some questions already, so here comes some short answers of the question that I have recieved.

Do we need to bring basketballs?
There will be 3 basketballs for every team to use in warmups if you need more than 3 balls then you will have to bring yourselves.
We can not gaurantee warm up time on the court, but it is allowed to warm up behind the baseline in the gyms without basketballs.

How do we get to the different gyms?
From Friday we will provide the service of having to minibuses that drives the teams between the different loacations.
In the info you will recieve on arrival you will find a phonenumber to the drivers, so booking is made as easy as possible.

Can you pick us up at the trainstation (Rungsted Kyst Station)?
Yes,but you will have to contact us to tell us when you will be there. Call when you are 30-40 minutes away, so we know the exact time of arrivel.

Can you drive us the trainstation (Rungsted kyst) on Sunday?
Yes, you make the arrangement with the drivers on sunday efternoon, when you should leave.
We really would like everybody to stay until the final of your gender has been played, since their will be prize ceramony directly after.

Is it true that we get stats and DVD of all games we play?
Yes, what we cant promise is that you get directly after the game, but as soon as possible you will get it.

Why is halftime break only 5 minutes?
Well, to play so many games in 2 gyms, we need to cut something down and we choose to play 3 fulltime games on friday, saturday instead of playing all games 4*8minutes, we play the two playoff games shorter instead (4*8min) and we find that logical since all players already have 3 games in their body in a very short period of time.
VERY! Important that you coaches help us with keeping the schedule.

What is Saturday Night Skills Challenge?
Well each team chooses one player the represent their team in the skills challenge. This arranged in Horsholmhallen (HH) after the last games on saturday, so its very important that you get over their quickly if you are the two teams playing in Rungsted Skole (RS) in the last game, so we can get started. More info on arrival.

Competitions are:
1 vs 1 - with referee`s
Skills circuit - Simular to NBA
3 point contest - Simular to NBA

There are individual prizes for the winners handed out after the finals of each gender.

Another individual award is "Best player of the tournament", so one girls and one boy will be crowned best of the best of PSI 2012.
Really nice prizes :-)

Please respect the the scores table, the referee`s and other crew, everybody is doing the best to make this tournament a great experience.
Simply respect the game!

Pages for tournament with updates during the weekend:



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