onsdag den 16. maj 2012

The Tine Freil Skillstest

 As a part of saturday night skills challenge one player from each team will represent the team in some competitions. One of these competitions is "The Tine Freil skillstest" which will be a circuit ( home made version of NBA`s) that will demand calm nervous and sharpness and of course quikness.

Tine Freil or the female "Magic" as I called her after seeing her play the first time loans her name to the skillstest and we are very greatfull for that.

 "The most decorated player in program history, Freil ranks third in NCAA Division I history with a Big West Conference record 1,088 assists and 9.8 assists per game. She is one of just two players in NCAA Division I history to accumulate 1,000 points and 1,000 assists in a career."

Inducted to the Pacific Hall of fame 2004/2005

Picture from 2009 when she won DC in front of 3200 spectaters
Tine Freil made the game exciting regardless if she played a good or bad team. She was to me like a female Magic johnson ( my idol) she deleivered passes from every angle possible, no looks, bulletpasses, full court bouncepasses. Every player loves playing with a player like that, the game becomes so easy. If you move and run the floor you will get the ball just remember to have you hands up or else....

I have not during my 18 years as a coach seen anyone else play the game like Tine Freil. She was unique as a player and there will never ever be another Magic Freil in danish basketball. (stolen from Larry Bird about Magic Johnson)

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