mandag den 13. februar 2012

Finally some news

Invitations has been delayed because of different reasons, but now we have cleared the weekend 14-16 september and two gyms are our to use for the tournament.

NEW for 2012 is that girls and boys 98 will play the same weekend and a total of 16 teams will play in two of the best gyms here in Horsholm, Denmark.

Also new is that will will use 14-16 of september instead of intended first weekend in september, due to that our federation dont allow anything else than education that weekend.

I hope that this doesn`t stop interested team in coming here this year.

Group games will be played full time 4*10 minutes and all play off games on sunday the 16th will be played 4*8 minutes. All teams play a total of 5 games during this weekend.

We hope to get same international level of referees as last year, where we had 4 top european referees from Poland. The level of the teams combined with the level of referees and stats, DVD recorded games is a formula for a great weekend.

Andreas Holmgran, Tournament organizer (coach boys & girls 98 Horsholm)

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