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Invitation girls born 1998 Pre Season Invitational 2013


I have one spot still open in girls tournament (13-15 of September) and teams that have entered are:
1. Hørsholm Basketball (Denmark) Nordic nr 3 and DK nr 2
2. Djursholm Basketball (Sweden) Swe nr 2
3. Taby Basketball (Sweden) Swe top 10
4. Skane Select team (Sweden) District team from south of Sweden
5. Uppsala Basketball (Sweden) Nordic nr 1 and Swedish nr 1
6. Solna Vikings (Sweden) Swe top 10
7.Blue Star Europe Select Team (Europe)
8. ?

I`m hoping once again to put together a tournament with high quality not just on the court, but also with stats, video recording.
Saturday night skills challenge, and lots more.

This will be the third year for the boys 98 tournament and the second year for the girls 98 tournament.
8 teams divided into two groups in each category.

5 games
Group games: 4*10 minutes (3 games)
Playoff games: 4*8 minutes (2 games)

Tournament starts on friday the 13th (first games at 16:30) and all teams will play one game on the first day.
Final game of the tournament starts 16:45 on the 15th of september.

Costs to participate will be
Teamfee: 250 euro for teams that buy guestcards, 275euro for other local teams without guestcards.
Guestcards: 60 euro (one coach per team is free)

You can read more in this link about the tournament

Boys 98:
Girls 98

If your are interested in participating please send me a YES as soon as possible and I will reserve a place for you in the tournament.
(Need answers ASAP, but cant promise there still will be a spot for you if you wait)

There is NO ambition in making money of the tournament fee`s, all money getting in will be put into the tournament to secure quality.

Andreas Holmgran, Tournament organizer
Hørsholm Basketball Boys 98/Girls 98

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